About Hoot Blossom Farm

Hoot Blossom Farm is located on Washington Island. Started in 2015 with a dream of growing fresh vegetables for Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio. We now grow vegetables, herbs and cut flowers for Washington Island Farmers Market, the grocery store, farm pick up and restaurants on Washington Island. You may also see our shallots or garlic in Door County at Healthy Way Market. 

Farmer Russell Rolffs has an insatiable thirst for learning. When he started propagating wildflowers it was out of curiosity. Could he get the seeds to germinate? What does it mean to scarify? What's the best way to overwinter young plants? Out of his curiosity and our love for pollinator habitat, Hoot Blossom Farm is now excited to share our bare-root pollinator gardens with the state of Wisconsin. 

We only use organic methods for growing veg, herb, flowers and wildflowers. Our purpose is to protect and encourage biodiversity. Defending and promoting biodiversity is defending life itself. Functional ecosystems are complex and resilient, and that complexity begins with a diversity of primary producers: plants. We can support biodiversity-whole food webs-in our home gardens by planting diverse native plants. This makes the joy of gardening that much richer. Finding over a dozen species of bees on a spotted bee balm or fall aster is a beautiful and rewarding experience.