How To Care For Bare Root Plants

How To Care For Bare Root Plants

Bare Root Plants are packed with energy from their first year of growth. When you plant them in the right conditions they will use their vigor to get established in your garden quickly. They can outcompete weed seed because they are larger, especially in the first year. This makes weeding your pollinator gardens easier. When they arrive in the mail, follow these care instructions to make sure they remain healthy from box to planting. 

Root Care Instructions

  • open box immediately upon arrival and inspect the plants
  • plants must be kept in a cool, dark space prior to planting
  • roots must be prevented from drying out while still allowing air circulation prior to planting
  • plant the roots within 7 days of receiving

Why Bare-Root Plants? 

  • Bare root plants allow for you to jumpstart your native pollinator garden as the roots have one year of stored energy and will grow quicker and more robustly than a seedling plant. 
  • Bare root plants can better outcompete weeds, especially in the first years. 
  • Bare root plants make weeding easier as they are larger and more robust than seedling weeds. 
  • Bare root plants are less bulky and expensive compared with potted plants. 


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